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A new logdecorator version is available \o/

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After about one year after the initial release of my logdecorator package there has been some recent traffic on the github repository. This gave me motivation again, so I decided to rewrite most of the source in order to not abandon the project and also added a new decorator for logging exceptions.


Though the project is easy manageable it gave me a great feeling that some people have usage for my code and I want to thank them for the trust very much. I'm dedicated to move logdecorator forward, even if there are not that many dependants.

However, the original code was a little bit clumsy and already reached its limits with my own first issue (adding a new log_exception decorator). Therefore I rewrote huge parts of the library to gain a better extendability.


  • A new decorator log_exception was added, which can log exceptions using logger.exception(msg)
  • log_on_start and log_on_end now accept only necessary arguments (e.g.: on_exceptions is not acceptable anymore)
  • The base class LoggingDecorator isn't a swiss army knife anymore and is now intended and open for extension
  • All decorators are now subclasses (and not instances) of LoggingDecorator

Since these are some great changes and even backward incompatible*, I created a new major version for this update.

* Here I am speaking of the arguments, not accepted anymore. I was exerted to not break a sane usage.

What's next?

At the moment I don't see any lacking improvements. If you have any suggestions please open a new issue and I'll see over it.

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