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Evolutionary curve fitting - predict non-linear data without defining polynomial order

Despite the fact that neural networks have made major advances in many tasks, such as image recognition, video/image generation and the likes, I feel they inevitably suffer from a greater problem. Their intrinsic complexity enables them to make great progress as well as make them very hard to completely understand for us humans. A neural networks with two hidden dense layers, 10 neurons each, consists of: \(20\) polynomials \(10\) inputs for each polynomial \(10^{10} =\)...

A new logdecorator version is available \o/

Thanks Though the project is easy manageable it gave me a great feeling that some people have usage for my code and I want to thank them for the trust very much. I'm dedicated to move logdecorator forward, even if there are not that many dependants. However, the original code was a little bit clumsy and already reached its limits with my own first issue (adding a new log_exception decorator). Therefore I rewrote huge parts of the library...

Making pyramids json renderer datetime aware

The Pyramid json renderer Pyramid offers a convenient approach for rendering views in different manners: renderers. The json renderer can be used to build simple to large scale REST APIs. There's only one problem which he, who is playing and poking around with this tool for the first time, suffers from. When you give a datetime object to the json renderer it'll completely deny its service and leaves you alone with an exception message. ... from datetime...

Remove visual noise of logging code with python decorators

The Problem „Error handling [Logging...] (editor's note) is important, but if it obscures logic, it’s wrong.” ― Robert C. Martin, Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship First of all, what's wrong with logging anyway? The intuitive way of logging is to put it right before or right after an action. Because what you want a future reader to inform about is either that an action has been taken or is about to be taken. This will lead to logging...

Hiking in the WAN

Step 1 – legal frame Before I start, lets have a little intermezzo to german law. It says… § 202c (1) Whosoever unlawfully obtains data for himself or another that were not intended for him and were especially protected against unauthorised access, if he has circumvented the protection, shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine. We notice that one move within a legal frame, when you not break any security mechanisms. So I did… Step 2 – target...

Willkommen in Witten

Die Zeiten in denen man, wie der Plebs, sein Geschäft mit Toilettenpapier in Brusthöhe fristen musste sind vorbei. Auf dem WC des Bk-Witten darf man sich die Menge des benötigten Hygienemittel im Waschbeckenbereich in gewünschter Menge aus einem erstklassig gefertigtem Edelstahl-Behälter entnehmen und sich danach mit dem individuell anmutenden Papierknäuel auf den Weg zur Erleichterung machen. Wenn man sich auf anderen – höchstens ähnlichen – Einrichtungen wie einer von vielen fühlt, verleiht einem hier...

Nagios nrpe-plugin for checking apache2 ssl-certificates

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use POSIX qw( mktime ctime ); my $warn_value = 30; my $crit_value = 7; my @config_paths = ('/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/', '/etc/apache2/conf.d/'); my @cert_files; sub get_days_left () { my ($file) = @_; my

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